Ea189 vs ea288

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User Name Remember Me? I've got one of each, and by laws the days are finally drawing near when it'll be time to send one back to VW. I've been reading about the differences for a year, but I'm still at an impasse. I was hoping for some input from the forums ahem Oilhammer to help me make my decision. Balance shafts - I give this one to the EA The placement and design leads me to believe they will be more effective and reliable.

Possibly easier to delete if necessary as they lack integration with the oil pump, unlike the EA Oil pump - I give this one to the EA for simplicity's sake. Variable anything from VAG has taught me to be cautious. Vacuum and oil seems like a lot of work for that tiny belt to do for the "life" of the engine. Unless that "life" is at 62k and on the side of the road. Water pump - Another one for the EA for simplicity as well.

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I can certainly see a on the side of the road, overheated due to the damper getting stuck in the extended position. Worse, some EA cars don't even have a coolant temperature gauge. Turbocharger - The EA in my Passat now has a warranty to k. The 's ends at 60k with the "lubricated parts" warranty. However, the in the Passat has an oil filter accessible from the top in a much more convenient place.

Fuel system - both use solenoid injectors and seem to be more resistant to failure compared to the piezo cousins. Fuel Efficiency - My experience is that the EA is much easier to make it to big mileage. The will do 48mpg, but it takes some work. The will do it if I simply drive slower than 75mph. There's no doubt the is more efficient. In the end, I just see a lack of discussion and enthusiasm for the late model cars. And while they're no ALH, they sure are hard to replace with any other type of car on all the key points.List of Volkswagen Group diesel engines.

The compression-ignition diesel engines listed below are currently [ when?

List of Volkswagen Group diesel engines

All listed engines operate on the four-stroke cycleand unless stated otherwise, use a wet sump lubrication system, and are water-cooled. Previous Volkswagen Group Diesel engines are in the list of discontinued Volkswagen Group diesel engines article. The EA series of internal combustion engines was introduced in the mids in the Audi 50and shortly after in the original Volkswagen Polo. It is a series of water-cooled inline three- and inline four-cylinder petrol and Diesel engines, in a variety of displacement sizes.

This overhead camshaft engine features a crossflow cylinder head design, and directly driven auxiliary units. EA engine family is based on EA engine family. EA diesel shares displacement, cylinder spacing [ when defined as? Other features included low-friction bearings for the camshaft and balancer shafts, piston rings that have less pre-tension, a two-stage oil pump with volumetric flow control.

The engine's displacement was between 1. All R3 ccm three cylinder engines are derived from the R4 ccm 4 cylinder engine, VW just cut off one ,1 ccm cylinder. The following are all part of the EA engine series, with a cylinder spacing between centres of 88 millimetres 3. This is a naturally aspirated non-turbo indirect injection version of the 1.

This is a naturally aspirated non-turbo Suction Diesel Injection version of the 1. Because of this, the term 'red I' has entered into automotive technicians parlance.

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Origins: All ccm four cylinder engines are derived from the ccm 5 cylinder Audi- engine, VW just cut off one ,1 ccm cylinder. Some models are fitted with a diesel particulate filter. TDV denotes that a diesel particulate filter is present on the Audi in question but the vehicle was produced just prior to or during the legislation process regarding DPF's.

The EA engine is the focus of the Volkswagen emissions scandal. This 2. This engine was also used in some Volvo Cars models in the s. The series comprises six cylinder - V-engines with 3. The engines are produced by Audi Hungaria Zrt.

Is EA288 " clean " ?

This common rail V6 turbodiesel was developed by Audiand first installed in the Audi D3 A8 in Subsequently, made available for all longitudinal engined Audis, along with the same engine orientation in Volkswagen Passenger Cars 'premium' models and Volkswagen Marine applications. Also related to VW's diesel emissions scandal.

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This Audi engine is an entirely redeveloped and bored -out evolution of the superseded 4. Just like its 4. A successor to the 4. The engine was developed in Ingolstadt. This '4. At its launch in the Volkswagen Phaetonit became the most powerful diesel-engined car in the world.Recently Asked Questions Can I transfer a motorcycle reg plate onto a car?

How long will petrol last when it's sat in a car? I'm worried about the full tank of petrol in my stored car during lockdown. Should I drain it?

Volvo leaking oil

Should I use a float charger? What battery charger do you recommend? Sign up to the HonestJohn. Coronavirus: Car makers reopen factories following Covid pandemic Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai and Volvo are all reopening European car plants in the way of the coronavirus outbreak. Latest Reviews 4. Used Car Pricing Search on. Fuel Calculator Petrol or Diesel? What is the Fuel Calculator? Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost.

Search the forum. Seat Leon SE 1. There might have been a bit of crossover. Everything you need to know about how the emissions scandal affects you. Latest on the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal. Similar questions.

EA288 Evo 2.0 TDI Confirmed For Volkswagen Golf 8, Audi A4

My Volkswagen is not performing like it was before the emissions fix - what can I do? Can someone enlighten me as to why my car is not performing as it was before it went in for the emissions fix?

The emissions light comes on continually and the coil light is now on an off, plus it keeps Questionable VW Software Fix - have you heard of this? Has anyone else experienced issues after the vw software update in their VW Passat estate?

Last week I had the software fix applied to my Diesel Passat Estate. Since then the vehicle has noticably reduced VAG EA emissions defeat software fix - seen this update? Have you seen this? The EU are worried about VW's fix. Related models. SEAT Leon on. Big improvements in quality and refinement over previous Leon. Great to drive with sharp handling. Good value.Wolfsburg, Germany— Volkswagen's compact new turbodiesel engine is a gymnastics routine and a thousand science fair projects wrapped into some gorgeous aluminum castings.

Called the EA by the men in tight-fitting, dull-colored suits who swarm this factory town, it shows just how far VW will go to meet emissions regulations in the United States and Canada in order to keep its sales leadership among diesel-powered cars. While having seen two conflicting sets of sales figures, we understand the point: no other automaker comes close to providing as many diesels in the lands of the Stars and Stripes and the Maple Leaf.

The VW diesel cult, which originated with the woefully slow Golf, demands its due. So the powertrain group led by Cambridge-educated Johannes Arning did the splits and then split the differences in order to meet the government's latest strictures on emissions. They faced a model year deadline to comply with ULEV LEVIII ratings, which are tough on the non-methane organic gases that are precursors of ozone and the oxides of nitrogen that prove so stubbornly persistent among waste gases.

The cc engine has a bore and stroke of Output is hp at rpm and lb-ft of torque between and rpm. The engineers' principal objective was to reduce cold-start emissions while improving efficiency. Technical development leader Thorsten Duesterdiek said it meant "putting a lot of money, a lot of effort in fulfilling the first forty, fifty seconds" of the emissions test.

Duesterdiek seemed remarkably bright and upbeat after the ordeal, and he continued, "The most effective way is to put precious metals into the catalyst. Besides a surfeit of palladium in the converter, a few other measures were taken in refining the new TDI engine. VW will make about 2. In order to achieve the highest efficiencies of scale, the TDI engine must fit into both the smallest and largest vehicles. The improved EA version features reduced friction inside the cylinders; an oil pump with scrupulously controlled internal airflow; and a more compact head, thanks to a roller cam.

To save energy, the water pump is as sensitive and variable as a peacekeeping force. And the engine's thermal management system operates with three circuits governing cylinder head temperature, exhaust gas recirculation, and intake charge.

The intercooler integrated into the intake manifold and the EGR unit with its own heat exchanger are designed for reduced pressure losses and improved responsiveness. Just as VW has modular chassis architecture spreading through its car lineup, the EA is also modular. For example, the exhaust aftertreatment, which injects urea into the stream of waste gases to neutralize pollutants, can be tailored to suit the market. For example, Romania's emissions standards are far less NOx-crunching than Oregon's.

ea189 vs ea288

Meanwhile, the EA must have a taste for low-sulphur fuel while also finding B20 biodiesel to be agreeable. The EA will first be slid between the knees of the Volkswagen Golf when it appears this summer. Next it will go into the Jetta, Beetle, and Passat.

The Golf SportWagen will return to the U. We expect the EA will not only meet its developers' targets for lower emissions and costs but also drivers' desires for increased performance and comfort. We can't wait to test it for ourselves. In the interim, we have to settle for being highly impressed with the willingness of Arning's team to meet targets that would have seemed impossible when the Jetta TDI went on sale. The American turbodiesel cult started then, and its growth is the amazing story of a special bond between a savvy manufacturer and its enthusiastic customers.

Features Ethos. Ronald Ahrens writer.By mikkelvitus4 July, in General Maintenance. As we know the EA was not a reliable engine. Nox recall, EGR problems, Siemens injectors with a lot of problems, bad fuel economy on highways aso. But what about the new EA 1.

Its the one n Octavia mk 3. Is it a much better unit? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By skinnyman. By skd By chappers By Blackray. By Nosnx. Please note the following important links Terms of Use.

We have a comprehensive Privacy Policy. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Recommended Posts. Posted 4 July, What does owners and mechanics say? Does it run without troubles? BR Mikkel. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing.I'm contemplating a purchase of a Passat TDI and just wanted to know if this is a concern with it's engine. Keep in mind very few 's actually made it onto the roads before Dieselgate so the majority of them were sitting on lots until a few months ago when VW was allowed to sell them again. At this point in time they should still be low on miles so if there is a HPFP issue I doubt it will show up until after 20K miles are put on.

Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it as the HPFP failures are relatively rare in the grand scheme of things. And yes, I agree if it does happen to one's car it would be a real pain to deal with so understand your reason for asking about this. If so, what is the nature of the extended warranty? Originally Posted by 93celicaconv.

Originally Posted by rustycat. If VW issued something in writing, at least one has proof available when the need develops. That extended warranty is part of the emissions fix which does include the HPFP. In a way, that is good enough. You are asking about MY 15 2. The emissions warranty covers the HPFP, if the "fix" was applied. I'm no lawyer, but that's what I read. I could be wrong. Originally Posted by Jb Different than the extension, but still pretty great.

ea189 vs ea288

You're probably right in that the HPFP didn't evolve much. They will send you a booklet with Extended warranty under Emissions fix program and then when you have a failure they will blame it on Contaminated fuel.


Ask me how do I know? VW will never learn there lessons until people start shaming them in public and stop buying their cars. Contaminated fuel: That's why I try to always fill up at the same station, keep the receipt, and write the mileage on it.

That way I have a paper trail to make the fuel supplier responsible if VW denies coverage. Please read my post, I'm percent sure that it was not the fuel. The mileage on the car is ,KMS. I drove the car for Kms after the last fill up. I even took the sample of the fuel before taking it to the dealership.

They simply added gas to the tank and said its contaminated fuel. How on the earth would you prove that they did that. They don't let you watch the mechanic who is working on the car so how would you know what they did. I Found out that VW negotiates a much lower labor rate with the dealer for Warranty work, so that might be a motivation as to why they don't want to do such a labor intensive work under Warranty. Thread Tools.

All times are GMT The time now is TDI Club Cards.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 06 November - AM. Posted 06 November - PM. VW have issued several statements worldwide saying that the new and current EA engine is not implicated in the "cheat" scandal anywhere other than outside the US and perhaps more to the point no government bodies agencies or reputable independent bodies and groups seem to be be suggesting otherwise.

It should be pointed out that although VW have admitted to having the software fitted to 11m vehicles there is little to suggest that it's presence active or not would make a difference between passing or failing official tests outside the US.

Even if there are some doubts cast over how clean the current diesels are and this is not just VW products there is no denying that current car diesels are hugely clean, economical and efficient in comparison with those of only a few years ago.

Outside of the US the situation appears to be similar to the earlier engines ie even if the software is present and active the car is still compliant with the less onerous european EURO 5 or 6 test or equivalents elsewhere. Whatever VW's sins the fact remains that the EA is a modern and efficient low emissions engine and equivalent to or better than those offered by other makes.

Community Forum Software by IP. Menu Software by ProMenu. Exclusive uk-mkivs stickers now available from Syco Graphix. Order yours today! Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Is EA " clean "? Started by magus32Nov 06 AM. Please log in to reply. And many people believe that the software is installed also on EU6 engines. I am worried cause I am interested to buy 2.

Posted 06 November - PM VW have issued several statements worldwide saying that the new and current EA engine is not implicated in the "cheat" scandal anywhere other than outside the US and perhaps more to the point no government bodies agencies or reputable independent bodies and groups seem to be be suggesting otherwise.

170ps EA189 vs 150ps EA288

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ea189 vs ea288

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