Film contests 2020

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Screenwriting contests are not a one-size-fits-all affair. While there are obvious benefits to winning a huge and prestigious competition like the Nicholl Fellowshipssmaller contests can be just as valuable if they hook you up with a judge who wants to option your screenplay, or a manager who wants to represent your work. The following list is a very subjective round-up of some of the very best contests and fellowships now available for film and TV writers.

Note that not all of these programs have announced their deadlines, so be sure to check their websites regularly, as well as the MovieBytes Upcoming Contests Calendar.

Winning a major film or television writing competition can be a great way to win attention from the industry, but the opportunities listed below take that one step further because they basically are the industry. Why settle for a cash prize and yet-another-copy of Final Draft when you can win what amounts to a writing job at Warner Bros. The focus of this eight month program is opening doors to the Industry, and of the 97 emerging, diverse writers have graduated from the program over the course of 13 years, 53 careers have been launched.

That's a good track record! Applicants are expected to submit a half-hour or one-hour episodic spec as well as a piece of original material such as an original pilot, a stage play, or short fiction story.

film contests 2020

Winners are paid a weekly salary for a one-year gig that provides access to executives, producers and literary representatives leading ultimately to a potential staff position on a Disney or ABC television program. The best part? It's free to submit.

Applications are accepted in the Spring, so keep your eyes open. Sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Nicholl Fellowships remain the pound gorilla of the screenwriting contest world, a competition so prestigious that its winners are almost guaranteed representation and a toe-hold in the industry.

film contests 2020

Need more convincing? This contest routinely attracts more than 7, submissions every year, but even its finalists and semifinalists have been known to garner significant attention for their success. Writers on the Verge is a week program designed to help writers who are "almost there" but need a final bit of preparation with their writing and presentation skills. Like a lot of the Industry programs listed here, they're especially interested in attracting writers of diverse backgrounds, but all writers are welcome to submit.

Like Disney, Nickelodeon is offering a one-year, salaried position interacting with executives, writing spec scripts and pitching story ideas. They're particularly looking for writers with diverse backgrounds and experiences, so if that sounds like you, there's no better opportunity anywhere.

And like Disney, this one's totally free. Unlike most of Hollywood Fellowships listed here, the Universal Writers Program focuses primiarly on feature film development. Program participants write feature-length scripts, and participate in a curriculum designed to strengthen their creative approach, personal presentation skills and overall knowledge of the Studio production process. As with Disney's program, this is a year-long paid gig. The Warner Bros.

The submission process is competitive, so be sure to check their website regularly for deadlines and requirements. These contests and fellowships may not be sponsored by industry heavyweights like HBO or Disney, but they nevertheless represent a significant opportunity for new and emerging writers.

Some of them - like PageAustinand Scriptapalooza - are enormously competitive, while others - like CineStory - offer more realistic odds. If you write prose, Zoetrope also offers a short story contest you may want to consider. The Austin Fest Screenplay Competition is a huge contest that's been around forever, and while it's not quite as prestigious as the Nicholl Fellowships, it's darn close. This contest also attracts 6, - 7, submissions per yearbut even those who don't win can benefit through discounts to the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Conferenceone of the biggest and best parties of the year for screenwriters.

BlueCat has more of an indie-vibe than some of the other big contests, but they've had their share of success stories, too, including Ana Lily Amirpour, who won the BlueCat Grand Prize in and went on to write and direct the Sundance hit A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Cinequest is one of the cooler Film Festivals in the country, and their Screenplay Contest Finalists are presented alongside high profile Maverick Spirit awardees like J.

A trailblazer among those contests offering mentorship as part of their prize package, CineStory may be the best contest you've never heard of. This is one of the smaller competitions on this list, so if your script is ready your odds of success are pretty darn good.

Cynosure has been around since - ancient history! Next to the Sundance Labs belowFilm Independent's Screenwriting Lab may be the best opportunity available for indie screenwriters to hone their craft.

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The lab is an intensive five-week program running two evenings a week in Los Angeles in July and August.Home Festivals Animation Festivals Show 25 50 75 Festival Dates: 10 Jan 19 Jan Australia. Submit by: 27 Sep Entry fee applies. Edit Website More. Festival Dates: 20 Jan 8 Nov Australia. Submit by: 20 Sep Entry fee applies. Submit by: 10 Oct Entry fee applies.

Submit by: 1 Nov Entry fee applies. Festival Dates: 30 Jan 8 Feb Denmark. Submit by: 15 Oct Entry fee applies. Festival Dates: 1 Feb 1 Feb Italy. Submit by: 22 Dec Entry fee applies. Festival Dates: 10 Feb 16 Feb Latvia. Submit by: 10 Sep Entry fee applies. Submit by: 20 Oct Entry fee applies. Festival Dates: 14 Feb 16 Feb Canada. Festival Dates: 15 Feb 15 Feb Netherlands. Festival Dates: 16 Feb 7 Feb Canada.

Submit by: 22 Aug Entry fee applies. Submissions not accepted for this festival. Submit by: 11 Nov Entry fee applies. Festival Dates: 21 Feb 23 Feb Worldwide. Submit by: 26 Jan Entry fee applies. Festival Dates: 21 Feb 1 Mar Belgium. Submit by: 1 Dec Entry fee applies. Submit by: 4 Oct Entry fee applies. Submit by: 3 Aug Entry fee applies.

Festival Dates: 27 Feb 1 Mar Spain. Festival Dates: 1 Mar 19 Apr Turkey. Submit by: 15 Nov Entry fee applies. Festival Dates: 4 Mar 8 Mar Finland.

Submit by: 19 Dec Entry fee applies.For extended information about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the film industry, see Impact of the —20 coronavirus pandemic on cinema. The top films released in by worldwide gross are as follows: [1].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Overview of the events of in film. The Dish The Book of Revelation. Grease The Secret Invasion. The Graduate Heaven Can Wait. Born to Win Cutter's Way. Shaft in Africa The Sensual Man.

Kes Earth Girls Are Easy. The Sting The Untouchables. Frankenstein Created Woman Hotel Paradiso. Branded to Kill Gate of Flesh. House of Dark Shadows Racing with the Moon. Flesh for Frankenstein The Decameron. Daddy's Home Dear Basketball. Norma Rae Hud. The Long Arm Eyewitness. Breezy MacArthur. To Love A Sunday in September. Mephisto My 20th Century. The Country Girl Boys Town. El bosque animado The Blind Sunflowers. Mediterraneo Berlinguer, I Love You.

The Quick and the Dead. Spartacus The Bad and the Beautiful. Anatomy of a Murder Being John Malkovich. Caesar Must Die Fiorile. The Andromeda Strain Sweet Charity. Stalingrad Comedian Harmonists. Hands of a Gunfighter Ringo the Lone Rider. Sex and the City Munich. Nicholas and Alexandra Notting Hill.Many screenwriters got their big breaks from winning one of the best screenwriting contests. But there are so many out there it can be hard to know which are duds and which might kick-start your career.

Not all screenplay contests are created equal. Or that can open any doors.

film contests 2020

Rather than spending a small fortune sending your screenplay off to a dozen competitions, do some thorough research and be super-selective on which ones you enter. Click to tweet this post. Be warned: it does seem to favor drama. Place highly in the Nicholl, though, and be prepared to buy a new cell phone after your old one melts from all the industry heat. This screenwriting contest continues to open doors by creating a networking system for new writers to further their career within the industry.

Industry professionals recognize the Austin Film Festival as one of the best screenplay contests inwith representatives from agencies and production companies participating in the judging process. What makes ScreenCraft one of the best screenwriting talent-discovery organizations around is the fact that entrants have a wide range of genre-specific competitions to choose from when submitting their script.

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Rotating throughout the year. Click the link for full information.

Tamil Short Film Contest Introduction, Landcock

Each ScreenCraft genre-specific contest is unique, but all of them feature cash prizes and career-launching introductions to entertainment industry professionals. This is an annual, international feature and television screenwriting contest designed to launch the careers of aspiring writers, hosted by Final Draft. Winners and finalists alike have had their screenplays optioned and produced and have secured high-profile representation as well as lucrative writing deals.

This is one of the best screenplay contests around as it has a history of highlighting talented, independent screenwriters and introducing them to the industry. Over the years the Page Awards have become widely recognized as one of the most important screenwriting competitions. Each year dozens of top producers, agents, and development execs judge the contest and read the winning screenplays. Many of the winning writers have landed script assignments, secured representationand signed option agreements on their work.

And many now have movies and television shows in production, on the air, and in theaters. This gives you a shot at the ultimate prize: the chance to get your screenplay produced.

Out of all the top screenwriting contests listed, this is the only one to feature a five-day writing retreat with top professional screenwriters. The lab was created by Robert Redford in and has proved itself to be one of the very best ways to break into the industry for an aspiring screenwriter. This is done through a series of one-on-one story sessions and the best films have the chance to screen at the Sundance Film Festival. Plus many other bonuses see website for full details.

Winners of the BlueCat screenplay competition have gone on to start careers in the industry having been signed by a talent agency, sold their scripts or won major film festival awards.Vlado is on of the best, undisputed masters of mastering. Adam Balazs is a multi-award winning film composer with a body of work that includes more than 50 feature…. Lee Oskar is an internationally acclaimed harmonica virtuoso, composer, producer….

Worked as a painter and art director in NY for 15 years. Has experience having a group show…. The discography of Anthony J. Resta, composerrecord producer and multi-instrumentalist….

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Composer, conductor and son of art, Gianni Ephrikian has collaborated with numerous artists…. Born in Ishigaki Island of Okinawa, Japan known worldwide for its art and music. Working as…. Rudolf Geri is a Slovak music composer, music arranger, conductor and artistic director of…. Our main objective is to give people the opportunity to include their creations and talent in an online, international competitive environment from the convenience of their computers, homes or studios, and to have their abilities assessed by a prestigious international panel of judges.

Please click the link below to make a one-time voluntary donation in any amount or a monthly recurring donation.

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The FMC Semifinalists will be announced here. Read more here. Check Out the Trailer from the opening in London. Until the start of the FMC FMC contest categories:. FMC Prestigious International panel of judges:. Vlado Meller USA. More info. Adam Balazs Hungary. Paul Wiffen UK. Mark Baxter USA. Lee Oskar USA. Kaori Kayo Japan. Anthony J. Resta USA.

Gianni Ephrikian Italy. Ataru Mukaezato Japan. Rudolf Geri SK. Why register for the FMC?This website uses cookies to provide our visitors with a great user experience. By accessing our site, you agree to the terms of Everfest's privacy policy. Those streaming services sure have gone dry. In Philadelphia, the Cinedelphia Film Festival celebrates the art of cinema by screening films Founded inthe Atlanta Film Festival is one of the longest-running film festivals in the The Tribeca Film Festival is a celebration of the prominent film and creative arts culture tha The annual Tiburon International Film Festival hosts a curated selection of independent featur WorldFest-Houston, one of the first three international film festivals to be held in North Ame The Arizona International Film Festival has an impressive track record of showing over 2, f From classic to contemporary, anime to documentary, the festival is an annual three-day celebr The cinema offers a way to experience myriad different facets of life and the human experience without leaving your seat.

Films use their own unique language to provide a lens through which we can encounter perspectives different from our own, or a mirror that reflects something within ourselves that we had to dig deeper to find. They can lead us on an adventure through a world we might not be able to see otherwise or never knew existed, leaving us with a sense of wonder and a richer understanding of life.

Film Festivals 2020 - 2021 Calendar

From Out on Film to the LA Comedy Festival, from Sundance to intimate celebrations of filmmaking in cities across the world, film festivals provide a place for filmmakers and film lovers to share and experience the art of cinema together, so join us in discovering a whole new world through film. All rights reserved. Austin, TX. Privacy Agreement This website uses cookies to provide our visitors with a great user experience.

Film Festivals - Calendar. Film Festivals The cinema offers a way to experience myriad different facets of life and the human experience without leaving your seat.T here is no better feeling than completing a draft of a script. And after all of that work, and plenty of revisions, where do you send your script? There are endless script competitions for every genre and every experience level.

Major screenwriting contests boast huge cash prizes and the potential to get your script optioned, but you could get lost in a sea of submissions. Others promise detailed feedback and assistance in making your story better, but they lack the industry connections to really advance your career.

With each festival promising more than the next, which ones are really worth your time and money? Here are the best screenwriting contests of that are actually worth the submission fee. Fellowship winners are invited to participate in awards week ceremonies and seminars and expected to complete at least one original feature film screenplay during the Fellowship year.

Fifteen scripts!!! Never before has a screenwriting contest made scripts so accessible to working industry professionals. The showcase also offers f eedback via PDF markup.

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Entrants have the unique opportunity to review notes directly within their script and better understand the thought process behind each suggestion. This is how script competition feedback was meant to be. Enter now at showcasecompetition. ISA flies undiscovered screenwriters to LA to meet with and be mentored by eight top industry executives.

The PAGE screenplay contest has helped launch the careers of dozens of talented screenwriters. Winning writers have gone on to sign with top literary representatives, optioned and sold their winning scripts, and many now have movies and television shows in production, on the air, and in theaters.

And, they promise to pitch and promote all semifinalists for a full year after placing. The Slamdance Screenplay Competition is unique in that they provide constructive feedback for every entrantwith the opportunity for more intensive coverage for an additional fee. The Screenwriting Lab is a week-long workshop designed to provide individualized story and career development for emerging screenwriters with a fiction feature screenplay.

The Screenwriting Lab also helps to further the careers of its Fellows by introducing them to film industry veterans who can offer guidance on both the craft and business of screenwriting.

A variety of guest speakers may screen and discuss their own films and offer career insights, and a final pitch event offers further opportunity for individualized feedback and discussion with industry executives. A festival just for TV! North Fork TV Festival celebrates the craft of television with industry panels, networking parties, and curated programming over two exciting days. The team behind the festival is dedicated to highlighting the best in independent TV from around the world and premiering it in front of an audience of industry talent and an engaged local audience.

All pilots are judged by top-tier industry professionals, including writers and show creators. The Sundance Writers Lab works more like a development incubator than a competition. Being the biggest festival in the industry, the competition is steep, but if you make the cut, the recognition and opportunity is worth it. Founded by screenwriter and filmmaker Gordy Hoffman, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition has been focused specifically on developing the talents and careers of up-and-coming writers since Entrants get notes on their submission and can use these critiques to improve their script.

After improving their draft, writers can opt to get additional notes from their script consultant or submit a finalized draft. Ever heard of Francis Ford Coppola?

He wants to read your script. Previous Next. View Larger Image. The Academy Nicholl Fellowship. Scriptation Showcase. Austin Film Festival. ISA Fast Track. Slamdance Screenplay Competition.

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