Fire pager tone generator

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Listen to live radio broadcasts in monitor mode or switch to paging alert only mode to just get pages. Allows members to talk to each other directly through a smart phone without making a phone call. Supports group calls so all members can talk to each other at the same time. Icons will indicate in real time if the member is responding to the call or not. Control access to sensitive broadcasts. Public radio broadcasts can be listened to by anyone, while private broadcasts are restricted to users approved by the broadcaster only.

Re-broadcast one dispatch channel on your department website with our free plugin or add a public channel to personal, non-commercial website. Simultaneously scan dozens of dispatch channels priority scan - silent scan - plus more monitor and receive alerts on all of the channels at the same time.

No hardware to install or buy. Download our software then install on a computer in your dispatch center. The easiest way to get the audio for broadcast would be to install our software on one of the computers in the dispatch center, then begin broadcasting.

You can make a broadcast public so anyone can listen to it, or you can make the broadcast private so only approved members can access the broadcast. Our software will "learn" your paging tones. The software will listen for paging tones then automatically recognize and decode the tone sets. You don't need to know what the tones are to get alerts with our service. It's free to upload your dispatch audio to our servers. You can even listen to the live radio broadcasts on this website for free.

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Some features described on this website may require a paid subscription to use. Due to the nature of the internet and spotty cell phone coverage, our service should be thought of a supplement to, not a replacement for, your regular communications equipment.

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You should never rely solely on our service as your primary dispatch. Think of our service an one additional tool, in your tool belt. You should rely on your agency issued equipment for your primary dispatch. Create a free account on this website, then download our free software. Sign in then start streaming your dispatch audio up to our server, which is also free.

Use any computer to listen to the dispatch channel through this website, again for free. Do you broadcast on more than one channel? You can broadcast dozens of channels simultaneously with our software.

fire pager tone generator

Again completely free. If you want to sign up to become a beta tester, fill out the form below, it free. ONLY beta testers will be permitted to use this service until development is completed. Once the development is completed, paid subscriptions will begin and beta testing will end.

If you want to become a free beta tester fill out the form below. Become a Reseller.Visit us on Facebook! SafAlert Notifier. Since ComTekk uses your computer's sound card to generate page tones, they will be played through the speakers, if connected. Therefore, the easiest way to transmit page tones is to simply hold a radio microphone up to the speaker while playing the tones. You can try this with a handheld, but it's very likely that RF will get into the speakers and possibly into your computer, which can potentially cause it to crash, or at least make a terrible sound through the speakers.

It's best to use a radio with a hand-mike and keep the antenna as far away from the computer and speakers as possible when transmitting. Before proceeding however, there are a few things that must be taken into account:. First, you need to be sure you're transmitting on the same frequency the pagers receive on. If your department uses a repeater, your radio should be tuned to a simplex or talk-around channel, so you don't broadcast to the whole district.

To test this, press the monitor button on your pager while transmitting from your radio to see if it comes through.

fire pager tone generator

Another important consideration is the range of your transmission. Obviously, if you're just testing, you don't want to trigger an alarm or upset the dispatcher! The best way to avoid this scenario is to connect a " dummy load " to the antenna jack of your transmitter. NEVER transmit without an antenna or load connected! This will cause transmitted power to reverse back into the radio and can cause serious damage.

ComTekk Tone Generator

For more info, see the section on dummy loads below. With a dummy load attached, transmit range will be reduced from miles to feetwhich will usually prevent it from being heard much beyond the fire house. Be sure to notify all personnel within the immediate vicinity what you are doing, as their pagers will likely be activated also.

NOW you can safely test fire pagers to your heart's content without any unwanted side effects. There are only two requirements here. First, select a load which is rated to handle the same or more power than your radio puts out. Most handhelds produce 5 - 7 watts.

Mobiles are typically from 40 - Watts. Second, be sure the dummy load you select will mate to the antenna connector on your radio. Don't worry, there are adaptors for virtually any combination.

There are some "budget" type radios that will not accept a dummy load because they have no shield on the connector, i. Here is one example inset: note the solid one-piece connection on the antenna :. The connector shown here is basically just a bolt, with no center conductor.

L-Com adaptors mouse-over to see pictures of connectors. You can also order pigtails short cable with different connectors on each end. Once you know the type and gender, use the drop-down list under " Select Pigtail by Connection Type ". We believe in giving back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communites. All rights reserved. Testing Fire Pagers with ComTekk Tone Generator This page describes how non-technicians can safely and quickly test pagers without any special equipment.

Before proceeding however, there are a few things that must be taken into account: First, you need to be sure you're transmitting on the same frequency the pagers receive on.Visit us on Facebook! SafAlert Notifier. Control and test 2-way radio systems, repeaters, ANI, Paging and more.

Operate or test EIA tone-remote systems. Monitor inputs and outputs with our FREE built-in audio scope and spectrum analyzer. No external hardware required. Output may be fed directly into radio, twisted pair, or service monitor. Read on for complete description OR see the online User Manual. Read a product review on eHam. Play single digits, or sequence. Programmable tone duration and delay settings. Generate any standard tone, or custom tone up to Download Pricing Buy Now.

I recently had to modify 40 Motorola Minitor II pagers, and used ComTekk software to test them using the time-honored "hold the mike to the speaker" process, and everything was dead-on. It saved a ton of time! Breneiser, Berks County Comm. Single and dual-tone format.

Continuous, or pulse tone. Simulate Tone-Burst or Single-tone Paging signals. Fully customizable settings with adjustable levels and durations for guard tone, function tone and hold tones. Sound card calibration for highly accurate frequency control. Safesecure shopping with PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. To order by mail or faxplease email your request to:.

Note: Java scripting must be enabled to use this form. Special pricing for currently licensed amateur radio operators, for non-commercial use. Protect your computer with ComTekk's exclusive ohm isolator with DC blocking, "hot chassis" and surge protection.

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Use our Sound Card Isolators to protect computer. For more information on connecting to sound cards, click here. By purchasing or installing ComTekk Tone Generator, you agree to the terms in conditions set forth in the License.

We believe in giving back to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their communites. All rights reserved. Take Tone Generator for a test drive: Read a product review on eHam.Sign in with Facebook.

Membership is free, secure and easy. You will require an account to build your own soundboard or buy sound tracks.! Just fill out the account information below. All unverified accounts are deleted within 72 hours. Cart 0. My Account.

Your Fire Pager Anywhere

Home Radio Fire Station Tones. Fire Station Tones. Station 1 - Rockford Hills. Station 2 - Paleto Bay. Station 3 - Fort Zancudo.

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Station 4 - LS Intl Airport. Station 5 - Sandy Shores. Station 6 - Davis. Station 7 - East Los Santos. Fire Marshal. Share Fire Station Tones:. Robin Quivers Parodies. War of the Worlds - radio broadcast. Vintage Radio Commercials. Ultimate Duke Nukem Soundboard. This is the ultimate Duke Nukem soundboard, with new stuff added as I find it.

All of the classic o Suggest sum stuff you would want me to u Ultimate Fart Soundboard. Did you fart?

Motorola ht1000 alerting to fire tones

Then which one is you? Every fart you can imagine is here This Fart Soundboar Star Trek Ringtones. Beam your phone up with these great ringtones from the Star Trek tv series. Sound effects from the s Email: Password:.Whether your agency currently uses a text based CAD notification system or relies solely on voice-based paging Chief Tone Alert is for you! Chief Tone Alert allows your staff to receive the same pages they currently receive via pager on their smartphone.

Increasing the ability to notify your staff is one sure-fire way to increase turnout at incidents! Traditional fire pagers are limited in range and function.

With Chief Tone Alert, you can monitor pages while outside your district, out for a jog, or on vacation. Volunteers that can't wear a pager in their professional office can now be notified and respond. Reach into buildings that because of their construction block out low power radio signals.

fire pager tone generator

As soon as our tone receiver matches one of the tones for your agency, your staff is instantly notified through a push notification on their Android or Apple based smartphones through the Chief Mobile app.

Departments today are taking on a ever greater role in their communities. With Chief Tone alert, you have the ability to select only the tone sets you want to be notified for. Not on EMS? No problem! Simply choose the channels you want to be alerted for.

When you choose to enroll in Chief Tone alert, you will need to provide us with the radio frequency of your dispatch pagers, as well as the sound frequency of each of your tones.

L.A. County Fire Department S.C.U. (dispatch) tone archive

We support long tone, 2-tone, and multi-tone paging. We will pre-configure the equipment in a heavy duty enclosure that you can conveniently mount on the wall.

fire pager tone generator

Just plug in the power and network cable and you are all set! Your citizens expect you to be there when they need you, but communication systems do break down. CAD systems go offline. Networks can crash. Internet outages. Radio Tower got hit by lightning.An experiment conducted by American social psychologist, Stanley Milgram, further proves the power of social proof. Milgram and his team gathered a group of people to stop in a busy street and look up at the sixth floor of an office nearby where nothing was happening.

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