Free garage plans with apartment

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Join the Email List! You need more Space for Life but adding onto the house will cost a fortune and a customized garage also carries a large price tag. With a Prefab Garage that includes space for an apartmentyou get the storage space you need plus a place to call home. We have helped numerous customers build a space to store their vehicle along with a small apartment for living space.

The inside featured a bathroom, kitchen with an apartment sized fridge, a sitting area and a beautiful loft area for sleeping.

It was created for a small living space that had a touch of modern class. Since that, we have discontinued our line of small apartment sheds and tiny homes. But nothing would keep you from buying a shed shell just like this, and doing all the interior work on your own. You will have a beautiful masterpiece that you can admire and enjoy for years to come. This Two Story Barn Shed sports a lot of space on the second floor. It features a wide open area that could serve as a small suite for an Air BnB Guest House and would not cost a lot to get into operation.

The final product features a beautiful sleeping and sitting area on the first floor. The two-story shed apartment was ordered with two shed dormers to make it quite roomy on the second floor. This is an amazing piece of work inside a modular double-wide garage from Sheds Unlimited. The customer bought the double-wide building and finished the interior for a lovely home-sweet-home. Notices the extra windows above the bed bringing in plenty of light into this beautiful space.

A place to store and play with his toy train collection and a second floor that is big enough for an apartment, serving as his Man Cave. See another two-story garage which Rebecca turned into a business space. The Garage with Apartment Space has two large ten-foot dormers to create plenty of space and plenty of light in this Man Cave in Philadelphia. The large dormers and the very nice sized windows would make a lovely place for a small backyard apartment or Bed and Breakfast.

This prefab car garage was custom built in our shed and garage building facility in PA. We loaded all the parts onto a trailer and drove to MA to setup this two car garage. The blue siding on this garage was a custom color and the large windows were also a custom order. This building could give you even more space for an apartment with added Shed Dormers that would help create a very wide open space upstairs.

Most prefab car garages built in PA are quite basic in nature. But when Fred from Upstate NY came with a request for a garage, it was many revisions and two years later before the project was actually completed!

Garage Plans

But we could build a Luxury Prefab Garage with Apartment Space that could serve as a granny pod, extra apartment or bed and breakfast. This garage owner took a unique approach to create extra living space in his garage. He created two bays for cars and trucks to park and the then installed a wall between the third bay area. In what could have been the third bay, the owner insulated and finished the interior.From the moment you walk in the front door, you are treated to amazing sightlines encompassing the enormous grand room, spacious kitchen, breakfast room and dining room.

The open layout ensures that you can stay connected with all family activities. The kitchen is a dream with tons of counter space, and a large eating snack bar.

Split bedrooms keep the master suite separated from the family bedrooms. The step ceiling and huge walk-in closet are added perks. The flat roof and cube shape lend a modern air to this minimalist house plan.

free garage plans with apartment

All the living space is on the second floor except for a ground floor entry foyer. The main living area is all open and has a balcony at one end. The efficient galley kitchen has everything right at your fingertips.

Related Plan: Get a different layout with house plan VR. I like this layout if you just remove the wall between the living room and the bedroom. Plan - Houseplans. A convenient hybrid design which can be built as garage plus dwelling space Shed Plans Flat Roof.

Garage apartment plan offers 2-car tandem bay and square feet of living space upstairs; 2 bedrooms, 1. Our Town Plans is a collection of high quality, pre-designed house plans inspired by America's rich architectural heritage. Compact Tiny Cottage - WM thumb - Garage apartment plans are essentially a house plan for a garage space.

Both functional and customizable, these plans typically consist of a freestanding structure, detached from the main home.

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The ground level space is often where the garage bays live, which are used for storing vehicles. The second floor is a fully functioning living space, which usually includes a kitchen, full bath, living area, and sleeping space.

The number of rooms available in a garage apartment floor plan varies depending on the size of the building and the main home lot.

If the garage is already in place, whether a detached garage or connected to the home, the full floor plan layout of the apartment may vary somewhat. Garage plans with an apartment offer versatility to homeowners looking to expand their home with extra living space. The space can accommodate frequent guests, provide a private living space for older family members or college students, work as a remote home office space, or create a rentable space to generate extra income.

Our collection of garage home plans range in size from to 3, square feet. There are a few things common to these plans including:. Parents with college-age children sometimes let them live in this space as it allows them to live at home while attending school. These house plans are also frequently used as an in-law suite for homeowners who have elderly parents move in with them. No matter the reason you need a garage apartment plan, it offers ample space for you to customize as you see fit.

It provides privacy and extra space for storage all while remaining close to the main living quarters. Browse through our plans below, and contact us with any questions that you have.

Our team is happy to help! The second floor is a fully functioning living space, which usually includes a kitchen, full bath, living Read More Garage apartment plans are essentially a house plan for a garage space. Sign up below for news, tips and offers. We will never share your email address.

Garages with Apartment Floor Plans

To receive your discount, enter the code "NOW50" in the offer code box on the checkout page. Free Shipping on All House Plans! Help Center Cape Cod. Florida Style. Garage with Apartments. Small House. Texas Style.Garage apartment plans sometimes called "garage apartment house plans" or "carriage house plans" add value to a home and allow a homeowner to creatively expand his or her living space.

For example, perhaps you want a design that can be built quickly--and then lived in--while the primary house plan is being constructed. Or, maybe you want a place to house an adult child who regularly visits you or who needs a place to live for a while. A garage with apartment affords you space to entertain these foreseen scenarios, as well as unforeseen possibilities.

free garage plans with apartment

These are also referred to as carriage house plans, accessory dwelling units, or in some cases granny flats. A garage with apartment can also be beneficial from a financial standpoint.

For instance, you may need help paying off your mortgage. If this day comes, renting out the apartment above the garage to a local college student or young professional could cover some if not all of your monthly mortgage payment.

The extra cool part about renting out a garage with apartment—as opposed to, say, a 1 bedroom guest house—is that you the homeowner have the potential to still use part of the space. For example, if you purchase a 2 car garage plan with apartment, your tenant could rent out the apartment and one garage bay--leaving you to continue using the second garage bay for whatever you want.

As you browse the below collection of garage plans with apartment, make sure to consider how the garage with apartment is going to look next to your house. For example, a barn style garage plan might not be the best complement.

On the other hand, if you have a farmhouse style home or a Dutch Colonial design, a barn style garage plan might work out perfectly. Explore garage apartment floor plans today and find the blueprint that's right for you. Total ft 2. Width ft. Depth ft.

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Daylight Basement. Floating Slab. Island Basement.

free garage plans with apartment

Monolithic Slab. Partial Basement. Screw Pile. Stem Wall Foundation.More often than not, garages get turned into storage rooms, woodworking shops, and handyman facilities. The great thing about iCreatables is that our garage plans are compliant with the International Residential Code IRCwhich make them useable to apply for a building permit in most areas of the US without additional engineering.

With iCreatables, you can start your garage project today! PDF files allow you to download the garage plans and print them yourself. To print the plans to the proper scale, the plans will need to be printed on 18 X 24 inch paper.

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Most local print and copy shops have a printer that will print this size. We can email the garage plans to the print shop itself, or take them with you using a thumb drive.

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Easily get bids and use the list numbering system to know what part goes where. Free phone support is available to answer all of your construction planning and building questions. Our two-car garage plans are designed in many different sizes to fit every two-car detached garage need. Our garages come with either a single large door or two smaller doors.

Every garage building project is different. The first step in building a new garage is figuring out the cost and size so you can get financing and make sure the detached garage will fit on your property and fit your needs. Our garage plans and materials list will help you properly plan.

FAQ Customer Kudos. How Tall Is My Shed? What Happens After I Order? Two Car Garage Plans. Need Modifications? We can modify any of our plans to meet your needs. Email us to get a quote.Plan G Our Garage Plan Photo Collection showcases all of our garage designs that are available with photography. One-car garage plans are detached garages designed to protect and shelter one automobile from the elements. Various rooflines including gable, Two-Car garage plans are designed for the storage of two automobiles.

These detached garages add value and curb appeal to almost any home while fitting neatly into the backyard or beside the house. Various architectural styles and Detached garages intended for the storage of up to three automobiles are called 3-Car Garage Plans. A broad selection of floor plans is available when garage doors, bays, size and style are considered. Three-car garage plans may have This collection of 4-Car Garage Plans and other larger garages are detached garage designs that are fashioned to store four or more automobiles and other large and bulky items.

They are available in a variety styles that will match Carport plans are shelters typically designed to protect one or two cars from the elements.

They are also used to protect other large, bulky or motorized items that might not fit in a garage or basement. Most carports are open-sided Drive-Thru Garage Plans are detached garages featuring at least one bay with a garage door at the front of the structure and one garage door at the back of the structure.

Practical in design this allows vehicles to drive completely Detached garage plans designed to include finished living quarters are called Garage Apartment plans.

Typically, the garage portion offers parking for one or more vehicles on the main floor with the living quarters positioned above Detached garage plans designed for boat storage usually offer one or two bays for storing standard size vehicles and at least one extra deep bay to accommodate the length of a boat.

The majority of the Garage Plans with Boat Storage Garage plans with carports are free-standing garages with an attached carport. These special designs not only offer a completely enclosed area for auto storage, but they also deliver a covered parking or storage area that is open on Garage plans with flex space are designed to accommodate a variety of needs by offering sheltered parking and a flexible room that can be finished and used for a multitude of purposes.

These designs provide parking for one or more Garage loft plans are detached garage plans that are designed to deliver more than just sheltered parking. They generally offer a parking area on the main level for one to four vehicles and storage space in the form of an upstairs Some of our detached garage plans are available in multiple sizes.

They are ideal for those who are not quite sure what size garage will fit best on their lot. The garage plans in this collection are available in two or more sizes, Garage Plans with Storage are detached garages and are typically designed on one level. They usually accommodate one or more automobiles and can satisfy a variety of other needs by offering an extra garage bay or more dedicated Most Garage Workshop plans are designed as one-story, detached garages.

They usually combine sheltered parking for one or more vehicles with a workshop space. Garage plans with workshops are an ideal solution for those in need of Detached garage plans designed to accommodate an RV or motor home are considered to be RV garage plans. Tandem garage plans are detached garage plans that work well on long and narrow lots because they are designed to save space.

They offer extra deep garage bays, allowing one car to be parked directly behind the other.Email address:. Disclaimer This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases.

Garages are important for providing shelter and protection to your vehicles. The make is very important of the garages as this decides the total space for storage and the capacity for optimal protection.

Garage Apartment Plans

If you have multiple vehicles, you will consider a design that will provide maximum space. Garages in the past were primarily built separately in the backyard of the house and were referred to as detachable garages. With increasing popularity of automobiles, garages are now mostly attached to the residential buildings.

As the shed is of prime importance for your vehicles, you may hire an expert contractor to build your garage as well along with your home leading to increased costs. However, here is a list of DIY garage plans with detailed instructions that would reduce your total cost incurred to some extent. The plan is flexible to make a layout for two car garage, two car garage with workshop, three car garage and four car garage making this a plan ideal for anyone looking to make s large storage area.

However, you need to have good carpentry skills to build the garage. However, it is always recommended to be reviewed by a building professional so that it is compliant with the local standards. Click here to check out the detailed instructions and materials. This design from BuildEazy is often referred to as a Shell Garage.

If you are in search of plan where it will cost less to build your garage, this is the perfect plan for you as it does not require you to incur costs for the flooring. This garage gives protection to your vehicles and other items but might not be suitable for your items. Before laying a concrete floor, this garage can be made. With some metal laid on the hard ground, it can serve the purpose of a garage floor indefinitely. This detached garage designed by SDS-CAD Specialized Design Systems is a perfect design for not only providing space for storage of two vehicles but also provides extra space for storing other equipment.

The porch on the side of the garage adds a classy look to the garage providing a welcoming feel. You can also add a sitting area for relaxing outside. This free garage plan from RONA is perfect for building a small storage place or garage for parking a single car with 16 x 22 feet in dimensions.

If you invest more, you will be able to change the look, but the functionality of this structure remains same.

This plan requires some experience, and so building contractors are recommended to lay the foundation for this project. It usually requires ten days to complete the project and before starting, get in touch with the local authorities to know the local basic requirements and standards. If you are looking for a basic structure for storing or protecting your belongings or vehicles, this free garage plan of 14 x 24 x 8 feet by SDS-CAD Specialized Design Systems is the ideal choice.

Though very basic in structure, it has a nice look with a door, window, and a garage door. On top of that, it provides extra space to store your other equipment and is preferred mostly by the farmland owners who possess a truck and need an additional storage space. The dimensions are 24 x 20 feet with a 7 feet garage door. This is another single car garage plan specially designed to create a workshop in the additional space it provides by MyOutdoorPlans that serves as an excellent functional addition to your property.

You can park one full-sized vehicle and also a side entry door making the entrance and exit convenient. Proper planning is required to lay a strong foundation for the garage to be built so that it is durable.

Also, durable lumber is recommended to be used in this plan like cedar, pine or redwood.

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